Worth Getting Up For Friday Five

Share five things that made getting out of bed worthwhile for you today!

1. I had a haircut appointment. As a woman, I love pampering myself. It reminds that I am beautiful and it just feels good to get all done up even if I dont have anywhere to go.

2. Ben Larson’s version of Psalm 30. You might think this is strange but the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake was two days ago. For several days after, we didnt know if any of them were alive. My small group at the Diaconal Ministry Formation Event ended up planning worship for that night. We used Ben’s version of Psalm 30 as a prelude as people were coming in. Since today is the one year anniversary of that service and the day many of us found out Ben had been killed in the earthquake, it was important for me to listen to that song today.

3. An invitation to spend time with a friend tonight. Just to hang out, watch movies, etc but now I probably wont go because it is snowing and starting to blow. YUCKY! So Ill probably just stay put!

4. Fridays are my day off so I enjoy Fridays alot. Time to just chill! Time to catch up on the shows I recorded throughout the week.

5. My Kindle. Ever since I got my Kindle for Christmas, I love getting up and reading. I have been carrying it in my purse because it is just nice to have if I have a few minutes to wait somewhere. I love reading but it is so much more fun now with my Kindle!

P.S. If you have time, you should check out my last two posts. They focus on the anniversary of the earthquake and my thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Worth Getting Up For Friday Five

  1. Still waiting for my Kindle….was hoping for Christmas. Maybe for my birthday? Nothing like a hair appt. to get a woman up and going, eh? Stay warm. I lived in ND for four years, and I know just how frigid those winds can be!

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