31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes

I have been missing in this space. So I am taking the easy route…or at least I think easier route..this October, in the hopes some joy will return for my writing.

This will be my landing page where you will find all 31 posts linked up here:

Day 1: Why?

Day 2: Gifts

Day 3: The Joy of Writing

Day 4: Listening

Day 5: Olive Juice and God’s Love

Day 6: The Changing of Seasons

Day 7: Luna and Neville

Day 8: Gathering at the Table

Day 9: The Risk and Joy of Community

Day 10: Do not Fear, Little Flock!

Day 11: Deep in the Earth

Day 12: My 5th Birthday Party

Day 13: Reach

Day 14: Using My Voice

Day 15: Opening a Book

Day 16: Avoid

Day 17: Consistent

Day 18: Holy Space

Day 19: Strength

Day 20: Go Tell

Day 21: Some of my Favorite People

Day 22: Our Senses

Day 23: My Must Haves

Day 24: Different

Day 25: Waiting

Day 26: Unconditional Love

Day 27: Heaven

Day 28: The Test of Faith

Day 29: Perfect Peace

Day 30: A Good Memory

Day 31: Halloween