What Happened To Jars of Clays Pants?

Ok so you are probably wondering what the heck I mean by the title of my blog, guess you had to be there! Let’s just say Jars came onto the stage with short gym shorts. It still was an awesome concert though! I love that band so much! The entire weekend at LifeLight was fabulous. I got to meet Phil Wickham and got his autograph. We saw Jars, Phil Joel, Derek Webb, Leeland, Building 429, Barlow Girl, Bread of Stone, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, and many more. It was a great weekend! Then yesterday I celebrated another birthday. Man am I getting old??!?! It was a great day though. Some friends and I had a Labor Day Picnic. They even made a birthday cake for two of us to share. It was definetely a great birthday! Well back to work! And I think Im going to put on my new Jars cd!!!

One thought on “What Happened To Jars of Clays Pants?

  1. OK T… here’s your interview questions:
    (1) Since you’re a big reality TV fan… if you could be on one of those shows which one & why?
    (2) If you had $5000.00 to donate to a small town (pop. 500 or less) what would you request the $ be set aside for?
    (3) to you what is the best breakfast ever? (and yeah if coffee’s included… be specific!)
    (4) so you’re throwing a theme party for good, good friends… what’s the theme?
    (5) yeah baby time for bling or not…money’s no object so what new wheels will you be seen cruising in?

    Remember to include ‘the rules’ and update me when you post our interview!

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