Tunes of my Childhood, LuLaRoe, and A Dream Fulfilled (Or What I Learned This Month)

It is time for Emily P. Freeman’s monthly linkup What I Learned This Month. I love this linkup because it reminds me to stop and reflect on the past month; the good, the bad, and even the ugly. May was an absolutely incredible month.

(1) Reminiscing and listening to songs from one of your fave childhood artists is incredible. As I sat listening to Garth Brooks, I was transported to all his songs I used to sing as a child and teenager. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. When he played “The Thunder Rolls” I was taken back to college and the video we made of this song for one of our broadcast journalism classes. 

(2) God has a way of affirming and nudging us the way God wants us to go. I attended my first foster and adoption informational meeting. It was a great night and I learned so much. Since that night, I have been feeling like I’m ready to take the next step. I think I’ll start with respite care. 

(3) Summer is one of my fave times of the year. And as May comes to an end, I know that summer has arrived. A Starbucks cool lime refresher, my fave book and chillin on my patio….it doesn’t get better than this! 

(4) I may not have kids of my own, but my church youth hold a special place in my heart. They each teach me so much. And I’m so proud of each of them. 

(5) I’m still obsessed with LuLaRoe! Yep, I cannot seem to be enough! Give me all the LLR! And now a friend is starting to sell so I don’t think this obsession will end any time soon. Irmas, Classic Tees, Perfect Tees, Randys, Nicoles, Julias, and leggings that feel like butter! 

(6) Reading your friends book is incredible! Thankful for Renee’s book “The Witness” that speaks to the power of resurrection and new life. My heart continues to hold the people of Haiti in my heart and prayers. Thankful to Renee and Jon for sharing their story with all of us. Thankful and blessed to call them my friends. 

(7) It never fails but every time I share my family’s story of mental illness I cry. Tears are indicative of all my momma has taught me in the midst of her illness. 

(8) I am not broken! And neither are you, my single friends! 

(9) But most of all I learned that dreams really do come true. As a writer, I’ve always wanted to write my own book. And this month, I finally self-published my first book; a compilation of my Write 31 Days series from 2014 “Living as a Daughter: 31 Days of Mental Illness.” To be honest, I’m feeling every emotion. I don’t know whether to cry or jump for joy. My hope and prayer is that this book will be a blessing and help stop the stigma around mental illness. You can find the link to purchase your copy here: Living as a Daughter: 31 Days of Mental Illness

I cannot wait to see what June brings! 

14 thoughts on “Tunes of my Childhood, LuLaRoe, and A Dream Fulfilled (Or What I Learned This Month)

  1. You've had a busy month learning! My son is a single minister in his 30s as well. He just recently came into a serious relationship. Praying that God will continue to work in yours (and my son's) life and bring fulfillment in this area. It's tough to find dedicated Christians and when you are in the ministry, it sometimes scares people. I know I married a widowed minister myself! 🙂

  2. I love your post on not being broken, and I'm pausing to pray for you right this moment. I was 34 when I got married and had my first "I want to marry him" moment at age four, so it was a long and trying 30 years! My heart is still incredibly tender toward those who long for marriage and for motherhood! It is hard when the desire is so profound and the answers don't come!!

    Also – congratulations on the book! 🙂

    • Thanks Bekah. I enjoyed that post a lot myself…totally my heart! Oh you totally do get my feelings. I've probably wanted to be a mom since then too. And thank you!

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