Top Posts of 2016

Here are the top posts for each month at Praying on the Prairie

January–Embrace (A One Word 365 Post)

February–Honoring a Man in Blue

March–Friends to Share Life With

April–Pass the Chocolate

May–Not Broken

June–For the Love of LuLaRoe

July–Build One Another Up

August–Forever Changed (A Review of Shannan Martin’s Falling Free)

September–Brokenness and Resurrection Joy (A Review of Who Does He Say That You Are by Colleen Mitchell)

October–The Transformative Word
A Recap of My 2016 Write 31 Days Series: 31 Days of the Word Made Flesh

November–One Journey

December–Craving What I Didn’t Know I Needed

And a bonus piece because it was one of my favorite pieces and didn’t end up in the top #s! Something Like Lemonade

And if you didn’t see or hear, I was hanging out at Crystal Stine’s yesterday. Today my friend Tammy is there, so I stayed a little longer! 🙂 You can read my post here (and Tammy’s post is right above it!): One Silent Night

11 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2016

  1. Isn't it fun to revisit what we've done during the past year! Regarding Karrilee's comment, all the blog pundits remind us share your posts a lot on social media because otherwise no one knows you're there. Typically I tweet a post only once or twice, facebook only a very scant few, never ever pinterest or instagram any, but I also know I get quite a few hits per tweet—depending on hashtags. Because I didn't follow through on social media very much, I chose my bests and faves rather than top hits, though just maybe I'll make a second top 5 or so list. BTW, I think I've probably read every post on your lists, but will check out every one to be sure.

  2. My favorite is Pass the Chocolate! I think it was reading that post that helped me decide to choose FMF as my online writing community that I would show up to no matter what. All because of you and chocolate:) Love your Silent Night post too. May your waiting be fulfilled and overflowing, dear Tara.

  3. Looking forward to going back and revisiting these. I'm not sure I will post a recap. All I've been writing this year mostly is my link up posts and my homeschool reviews.

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