The Return of Sunday Blessings (Sunday Blessings #14)

I was being so good about listing my blessings every Sunday. But then life got away from me and I haven’t posted them in a really really long time. This week (from last Sunday to today) has been full of all sorts of blessings. And since I am trying to blog something every day for this National Blog Post Month I thought I would reinstate them today. So here are some of the blessings I have spotted this past week.

(1) A Wonderful Sending Blessing in Worship as I said goodbye to DLC

(2) An awesome Going-Away Lunch. I am so incredibly thankful for all those who came out to bid me farewell.

(3) All the Going-Away gifts. I am incredibly humbled by this as well. Thank You doesn’t quite seem like enough. From the items for my new home to the gift cards to everything in between I am so thankful. The gorgeous Going-Away gift from DLC now hangs on my dining room wall. I love that wall hanging so much. And tonight I am wrapped up in the quilt from our DLC quilters.

(4) My colleague and his wife letting me stay with them the night before I headed out for this new adventure

(5) The new church being so excited to receive me. The call committee chair brought over a small gift and flowers on Tuesday night as I arrived here.

(6) Getting settled into my new home

(7) Meeting new friends and spending time talking theology with them at their Thursday Tavern Talk

(8) The Sunday School kids making me an awesome going-away card. And presenting me with it. As well as our fun little sing along

(9) Running into an high school neighbor and friend

(10) Spending time with my aunts and uncle. Shopping for my house, hanging pictures, sitting and talking over supper, and having them worship with me at my new call.

(11) Arriving at my new office and realizing I have an official sign above my door. I also was surprised by how spacious it is.

(12) Breakfast with my new colleague and his wife; getting to know them a little bit.

(13) One of the guys from my call committee being a huge help; helping me haul boxes from my house to my office.

(14) My family FINALLY finishing in the fields! Wooo HOOOO!!!!!

Well that’s a pretty good list. I probably could think of a few more but for tonight and this week this will be good. I might have to see if I can keep up posting Sunday Blessings more regularly!

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