The Remedy of Love

Sorry again friends that I’ve been MIA. Life has just been busy! And I need to get back into a routine! The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “remedy.”

This past year was a difficult year. There was so much we tried to do to care for ourselves and our neighbors. But for most of us, it was a really difficult year. We yearned for physical touch. We yearned for people. I think for many of us, we were lonelier than we realized.

About a year ago, I joined TikTok on a whim. I was hoping to have some fun and post some videos. Little did I know that my paths would cross with the most incredible group of humans. And those humans have blessed me in more ways than I can count.

And then a long came an opportunity! A meet up in Las Vegas for TikTok creators. Due to CoVid, I wasn’t going to go. But after my second vaccination, I realized that the best remedy for my mental health was to go on this trip. So I purchased my ticket. I knew that I would wear my mask when I needed to and being vaccinated gave me some peace of mind.

That trip validated me in so many ways. I have never felt as loved as I did that weekend. And that love continues to be shared with me every single day. I’m so thankful for these root friendships in my life. They have been the remedy to finding more joy and happiness!

6 thoughts on “The Remedy of Love

  1. Your post made me smile! Someone in staff meeting mentioned Tik-Tok yesterday and a few of the teachers said, “What’s that?” I’ve never used it, but I’m aware of it. Now I feel pretty hip because I have a friend who knows what it is and has even been to a conference ;)!

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