Making A House a Home

It’s been a busy day! And my house is finally starting to feel like my home which I am loving!

Some of my family is in town for a convention so my aunt and I went out earlier today. We purchased some items for my house. We bought some new curtains. We purchased a snow shovel for those snowy ND nights. And of course, we got some other items for the house as well.

Then later my uncle helped me hang some pictures. The beautiful gift from DLC is now hanging in my dining room. The coat/key rack is hanging too. Tonight as I sit on my couch I am finally feeling like I am home again.

I know that home is truly where your heart is and that is true. But it is also true that there is something about making a place YOURS. Yes, I miss my friends and family and the relationships that have formed over the last 6 years. And I am looking forward to making new friends. And that all will come in time. But tonight I am definetely feeling like this place is HOME!

Just A Little Light

All of a sudden I am sitting in darkness. Yep earlier tonight I had just settled in to watch “The Big Bang Theory” when all of a sudden my lights and tv flickered off. But they did not flicker back on, they stayed off. I thought perhaps I had tripped a breaker so I took the candle that was burning and worked my way down into my basement where I found the breaker box. Unfortunately that did nothing. So I worked my way back upstairs and found my way back to my phone so I could call the electrical company. They told me that it was a power outage that affected over 2000 costumers and it would be a couple of hours before it got restored. (It was about an hour and a half.) I was thankful that I had agreed to go out with some new friends for their Thursday evening Tavern Talk.

As I sat in my very dark house, I lit several candles. It is amazing how candles produce just a little light; and that little light can help us see. I didn’t need many candles to see just a little ways. But I am thankful for those candles that produce just enough light. And as I sat in the dark I couldn’t help but think of Jesus as the “light in the midst of the darkness.” Jesus truly comes in the light in the midst of the darkness especially when we need it most.

The Advent season is soon upon us and Advent always reminds me of the beauty of this precious Son born in a manger in Bethlehem who comes as the light in the midst of the darkness. For some reason, I find myself reflecting on this more during the season of Advent. Perhaps because the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier. Perhaps because there is so much consumerism that skews our view of what is important. God sent God’s son into the world to be the hope in the midst of the despair and to be the light in the midst of the darkness.

Like the little candle, we don’t need much to see God. God is continually the light in the midst of the darkness!

Serving the Neighbor

Tonight as I sit in my new home as it snows outside, I am reminded of the many who don’t have a place to call home; who don’t have a bed to sleep in and who call the streets their homes at night.

I don’t always understand the choices people make. I know that some would rather buy cigarettes etc than buy the things they really need. But I also know that’s not true for everyone. There are so many for whom this is NOT the choices they would make at all. They would do what they can to provide their family with the needs they need.

Because I/we are the fortunate ones, it is important for us to follow Jesus’ example of servanthood. It brings me such joy to watch youth collect food for those who are less fortunate. It brings me joy to watch as presents are wrapped and given to Operation Christmas Child. It brings me such joy to watch families and homes work together to serve their neighbors.

“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”