Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life etc that all we can focus on is that; the craziness of life. After reading a friend’s blog post tonight, I decided I was going to spend more time focusing on the blessings; the “every day holy” of life! So what am I thankful for today?

1. Sitting in my apartment drinking tea from a great gift my friend Sonflower Child gave me as a bday gift this year.

2. The awesome friends and family in my life. My life has been enriched by each of you. I miss so many of you so much and wish we could see each other more often.

3. A job that I love

4. Health

5. Going to work out and being greeted by the other ladies who work out there too.

6. Hearing a baby coo or getting my “baby fix” for the day

7. An unexpected letter in the mail! What a nice surprise that was! (An unexpected phone call is always great too!)

8. Spending time with awesome colleagues in ministry

9. Project Runway!!! And any of my other fave shows. Sometimes mindless tv is what I need to debrief and chill out at after a long day!

10. Fall

There are so many more I could probably name but this is a start. What are you thankful for today?

Breathing Down Your Joy?

Hello my faithful readers! I’ve been thinking about how blessed my life! I am so thankful for friends—new and old. I’m thankful for my family and the examples they set for me. My grandparents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this summer. I’m thankful for a great job that I love (at least most days. I am thankful for so much. I am thankful that my sister finally got a teaching job after being back in this state for three years.

My life is so blessed but sometimes it is hard to remember that when there are still things I yearn for in my life; a family, a husband, etc. I know they will happen when they are suppose to but sometimes its hard to focus on the good stuff. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good! I’m not saying that Im not happy because I AM HAPPY. I’ve just been thinking about how easy it is for depression to sneak into our lives. Just a thought that has been on my mind.

A friend posted a quote on his FB page that I think really defines depression well. He said, “Depression is emptiness breathing down your joy.” WOW huh?! What do you think my readers? Just been thinking about it since he posted that quote.

Ever Have One of Those Moments

Have you ever had one of those moments when you really realize how big of a blessing someone/something is in your life? Yes, we realize how these people/things are blessings most of the time but have you ever had one of those “aha God” moments, I get why you brought so and so into my life. Tonight at my friend B’s wedding I had one of those moments. B and I met at camp and he calls me the “older sister he never wanted.” Well I was watching everyone dance etc. He came over, grabbed my hand, and took me out onto the dance floor. His wife and him met swing dancing so most of their music was swing music. He tried to teach me to swing dance. Now it’s such a little moment but a moment that reminds me of how important this person is in my life. Thank you God for the blessing of our friendship! And as I think of this moment, I am reminded that as I wait patiently for my Mr. Right, B will still be my friend and make sure that I get who I deserve!

The “Younger Brother” I Never Wanted!

It’s hard to believe that one of my best guy friends is getting married this next weekend. It is kind of strange that he is getting married but I am also super excited and happy for him. This gentleman has blessed my life in more ways than I can imagine or even begin to count. He jokes about how I am the “older sister” he never wanted and I joke about how he is the “younger brother” I never wanted.

The truth is there have been times in my life when “younger brother” has really been there for me. I can think of one time in particular when my mom was sick and in the hospital. It happened my senior year of college. It was later in the evening like 9 pm or so when I got a call letting me know that my mom was in the ICU in said-town. Her lithium level had gotten too high which caused her kidneys to shut down. I quickly ran to the computer lab in my dorm and sent a quick prayer request email. I wasn’t in my room more than five minutes when “younger brother” called. He tried to get my mind off of it by making me laugh. He even prayed for me and my mom and our family. “Younger brother” has always truly cared about me!

The woman he is marrying is one lucky lady! “Younger brother” truly cares for people and has a deep faith in God. I am blessed that he is in my life. I know this isn’t goodbye but definetely feels a little bittersweet. Thank you for being such a good friend “younger brother!” God bless you and your bride as you begin your life together!