Sunday Blessings Thirty-Five

(1) Getting to spend some time with my momma; lunch, showing her my office and the church.

(2) Introducing mom to some of the rest of the FLC staff

(3) A friend reminding me that I am “enough, more than enough.” (I needed that reminder! Thanks NP)

(4) A great day for graduation parties; going to miss E’s grad party

(5) Visiting with dear people at E’s grad party

(6) Mowing my lawn. It needed it!!!

(7) Finishing the Fault in Our Stars . So ready to go to the movie now!!!

(8) The (In) Couragers group that I joined! Something so incredibly holy about saying “me too!”

(9) A fun Pentecost children’s sermon. Wearing birthday party hats and singing Happy Birthday to the church.

(10) Being called “smiley!” I haven’t been called that in so long. I was given that nickname by a friend in a college. That friend died and is in heaven. I never thought I would let anyone else call me by that nickname!

(11) Talking to my momma on the phone

(12) Having a great conversation with one of my fave little boys after worship today! I had to switch party hats because he had to make sure our hats matched!!

(13) A beautiful Sunday morning rain

(14) A sweet little girl (one of my faves) grabbing my hand. I picked her up and she snuggled right in. I think she would have fallen asleep!

(15) Graduation party food

(16) Visiting with a great group of ladies from church during coffee time

(17) My sis left these smoothie mixes at my house. I tried the PB chocolate one today!!! Yummy!!!

(18) Tackling Mt. Laundry. So thankful that my house has a washer and dryer in the basement.

(19) Warm enough weather to finally take the flannel sheets off of my bed!

(20) My awesome friends and family

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