Sunday Blessings 94

(1) Voxing with some of my faves

(2) Receiving fun mail from my friend EG.

(3) FMFpartySnailMail from my friend MH

(4) Fresh tomatoes from the church garden. I made yummy BLTs!

(5) Church picnic and one last Smore summer worship.

(6) A goodbye hug from a sweet little one.

(7) Getting a phone call from my daddy. I haven’t talked to him in awhile!

(8) Blessing my friend JK with flowers today as her and her hubby had a soft opening on their new store. I love making those I love smile!!!

(9) RS telling me that I only looked like I was in my early 30s when I told her I was almost 37.

(10) The sweetest Vox bank from TM’s daughter M2.

(11) Ran to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books. A guy’s huge pickup made it hard for me to get into my car. It was really tight. He came out to grab something and totally apologized and also told me to have a great day!!

(12) Ordering a book on my Kindle and finding out it didn’t cost me a thing because of a promotion.

(13) Reading on my patio. Enjoying these last days and weeks of summer.

(14) Much needed rain

(15) Papa Johns Pizza

(16) Texting with MW.

(17) Knoephla Soup

(18) Being treated to breakfast

(19) Return of the Great Food Truck Race.

(20) YOU!!!

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