Sunday Blessings 69

(1) A member saying my sermon gave her a little peace yesterday.

(2) Getting back into a workout routine

(3) Watching Full House reruns

(4) A great and productive staff meeting this afternoon

(5) Awesome #fmfpartysnailmail!!

(6) Talking to my Daddy on the phone and finding out they might visit me next weekend or the next.

(7) Candles that I got from some of my Confirmation students for Christmas that have helped get the burnt smell out of my office! A ballast went out in one of the flourescent lights in my office!

(8) A sweet email from a fellow blogger letting me know that she appreciates me reading and commenting on my blog.

(9) Texting with my sissy

(10) A V-Day card from my sissy

(11) Hanging with my friend EG

(12) Chocolate molten lava cake

(13) Volunteering at the downtown V-Day dinner! So much fun and I got to run the cash bar!

(14) Texting with MW

(15) Holding an infant while greeting today at church

(16) Helping with a Baptism at church. I love marking these milestones!!

(17) Buying Girl Scout cookies from one of my church kiddos! She was soooo excited to sell them so I bought three boxes!!

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