Sunday Blessings 68

(1) The E

(2) Not being alone when our first flight was delayed, when we missed our connecting flight and had to spend the night in MPLS.

(3) A 50 % off voucher from the airline for our hotel

(4) My E blog post being liked, reshared, etc. I’m completely awed and humbled when my words speak to so many! Thanks friends!!

(5) My dear friend CT inviting me over for supper with her and her daughters. Such a fun night!

(6) MH picking me up at the airport.

(7) A parishioner telling me she missed seeing me in church last week.

(8) A handful of new Twitter followers

(9) Hot water (that stays hot). My shower was so wonderful!! I usually have hot water but it doesn’t always stay hot. I had someone come look at the water heater.

(10) Catching up on my DVRed shows

(11) Yummy Taco Chicken chili

(12) Voxing with KA and TM

(13) A youth telling me she liked my cross.

(14) Saying goodbye to two dear members. Hard to say goodbye but so blessed to get to say that goodbye.

(15) A fantastic PLN (post-liturgical nap)

(16) Breakfast for dinner; blueberry pancakes and pork sausage links

(17) Tackling Mt. Laundry

(18) The Grammys

(19) Talking to my momma on the phone

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