Sunday Blessings 67

(1) My friend CT texting me a pic of a cat they are going to adopt. And letting me know she put me down as a reference at the shelter. So excited for them!!

(2) A great trip to Detroit

(3) Running into so many amazing friends and meeting new ones.

(4) Great Practice Discipleship training

(5) Meeting Baby Lucy for the first time

(6) Meeting a FB friend in real life

(7) Listening to GirlWithBlog speak at #Ext15

(8) North Dakota lunch with great people at the E

(9) Astoria Pastry Shop; German chocolate torte, mini carrot cake, and lemon poppyseed muffins.

(10) Watching the Super Bowl with friends

(11) Riding the people mover for the first time in Detroit

(12) A great group at the Exploring Diakonia at the E dinner. Great conversation with great people.

(13) Awesome Super Bowl commercials

(14) CT doing me a favor and picking me up at the airport tomorrow night

(15) There are so many more I could post so I’m just simply going to close by saying: the E!!!

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