Sunday Blessings 41

(1) Helping lead the activity at VBS with the Pre-1st Graders. So much fun!!

(2) A great afternoon and evening with EG–checking out Beer and Hymns, great conversation and so much more! Thanks for a fantastic day my friend!!

(3) A member telling me that I look awesome and to keep it up!!

(4) An awesome fantastic turn-out at S’more Summer Worship. So much fun!!

(5) Blowing bubbles with G and M while their mom was busy visiting with another mom

(6) A fantastic work-out (first time I got there this week)

(7) Lunch with FLC friends as we sampled the burgers for our fair food stand!! Yummy!!

(8) A nice thank you gift for helping lead the activity room at VBS

(9) Fun VBS program and potluck

(10) Today at VBS one of the little preschoolers said to me, “Grown-up, I need help!” It was so cute to hear her call me a “grown-up!

(11) My friends NP and RP began the adoption process almost three years ago. Today they passed court and their daughter is now officially their daughter!! Such amazing news!!!

(12) Working the FLC fairstand and getting to hear Lady Antebellum because we were close by the grandstand.

(13) Fun at the ND State Fair parade. Came home with lots of goodies!

(14) Working another shift at our fair stand

(15) A camp friend stopping to say hello

(16) Sharing a piece of lemon meringue pie with WK during our shift.

(17) Spending time with my friend EG; meeting her hubby; chatting and giving her a tour of my house

(18) A state fair corndog

(19) A text with a sweet pic of LAM

(20) Sharing a piece of sour cream raisin pie with my friend EG

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