Sunday Blessings 38 & 39

(1) Arriving at my destination safely

(2) Singing Happy Birthday to a four year old and having ice cream cake with him and friends

(3) Watching the kiddos play outside

(4) Having lunch with new friends

(5) Listening to awesome music!! I could have sat and listened to them all night long.

(6) A beautiful hike with seminary friends and their families

(7) Leading devotions at LAR

(8) Hosting the chili lights party with my friend

(9) An awesome hike with friends; a little boy wanting to be my friend and hold my hand; so sweet!

(10) A fantastic day with my dear friend SP–Walking, talking, lunch, a stop at Coffee on the Rocks, and so much more!!

(11) A morning hike with TS around Sprague Lake

(12) Finding a few treasures at some fun stores

(13) Being in the right place at the right time

(14) A much needed and well deserved afternoon nap

(15) Being thanked for doing a good deed

(16) Awesome last chili lights

(17) A friend telling me to keep up my writing and also thanking me for being authentic about my moms illness

(18) Spending time with JK, CK and AK! So blessed to have them in my life!! Thanks for driving up from Ft. Collins!

(19) A goodbye hug from a sweet little girl

(20) A fantastic 4th of July even though it was rainy. Thanks to new friends for letting me hang out with them. An awesome parade, driving up Trail Ridge Road, a nice concert and awesome fireworks!!

(21) A great day for a drive; topped off with time in the hot tub at the hotel.

(22) The birth of my dear friend SM’s little girl LM born 5 weeks early! Mom and daughter are doing fairly well but prayers are much appreciated!

(23) Many of my friends welcoming new life into this world.

(24) Friends telling me they miss me! Feeling incredibly loved!!!

(25) A text from a friend that I haven’t heard from in awhile

(26) A safe trip home

(27) Sometimes it is just so holy to be off the grid. But I am glad to be back!

(28) And so much more!!

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