Sunday Blessings 242

(1) Awesome group of youth at Coffee and Conversation. Doubled in size of attendance from the time before!

(2) Joy and Laughter

(3) Great Mutual Ministry Meeting!

(4) Luna being playful!

(5) Getting to see KG last week (I forgot to add this to last Sunday’s post)

(6) The E

(7) Spending time with SS, JN, MF and so many others.

(8) A walk with SS along the river walk

(9) Sweet Petes fun with the WND crew

(10) Fun at Cowford with so many of my friends.

(11) KD giving me a ride to the airport

(12) Visiting with PE

(13) Sparkle Motion!

(14) KK watching my Luna and picking me up from airport

(15) Super Bowl snacks

(16) Remembering U Mary Communication Days

(17) Compliments on my new hair cut

(18) Visiting with SB

(19) Lunas new toy that she absolutely loves

(20) A warm house when it’s snowing like crazy

(21) Attendees at my E workshops

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