Sunday Blessings 230

(1) Friends who are like family

(2) A Confirmation student who shared his “Share a Coke” bottle with me because it had my name on it.

(3) Texting with my sissy

(4) Listening ears

(5) Holy rain

(6) A Vox from KA

(7) Safe travels to GF and back.

(8) Being with people we love as they did one of the hardest things theyll ever have to do.

(9) My friend KG checking in on me.

(10) Baby snuggles with Mr. Quinn

(11) Lots of hugs

(12) KD sharing some of her bountiful basket with me.

(13) A Furnace

(14) 3rd Grade Bible Milestone

(15)An epic PLN!!

(16) Lauren Daigles new album

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