Sunday Blessings 216

(1) A fresh rain

(2) Snapchatting with RS

(3) Bible journaling

(4) Road tripping with NM

(5) Panera

(6) Hanging with CT, RT and KG

(7) WND Mission Gala

(8) Seeing so many awesome friends.

(9) Texting with my faves

(10) Hanging with CT, RT and KL.

(11) Chatting with LP and MO

(12) Running into my former colleagues brother in law at synod assembly.

(13) Getting our Service Learning Day shirts in the mail.

(14) Stella Rosa wine. Yummy!!

(15) Watching Pitch Perfect 2!!

(16) A beautiful PLN!!

(17) Great nursing home staff at moms nursing home.

(18) A night at camp fun

(19) A gorgeous summer night

(20) The smell of campfire

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