Sunday Blessings 191

(1) Fun mail in my mailbox.

(2) A call from EG

(3) Chatting with CN about Word and Service ministry.

(4) Awesome texts that made my day

(5) Pecan pie at church

(6) Thanksgiving with church peeps

(7) Chatting with the family on the phone

(8) Watching the newest version of the movie Annie.

(9) A new Nativity for my collection

(10) Holiday Lights parade–so fun!!

(11) Getting some projects done around my house today.

(12) Christmas tree up and Nativities out.

(13) Kind words from parishioners

(14) New nativities

(15) A PLN

(16) Coffee with JL

(17) Blue Apron meals

(18) Talking with my momma on the phone

(19) Lemon to put in my water

(20) A beautiful 40 degree day

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