Sunday Blessings 181; ND State Fair and Camp Staff Alumni Reunion Edition

(1) Chatting with momma on the phone

(2) Time with my friend LG and her husband EG.

(3) A good road tripping day

(4) A Vox from MG

(5) DQ Butterscotch Dip Cone

(6) #SlateReads

(7) A Vox from KA

(8) Coffee with SH

(9) Zumba with Gina. It had been way too many weeks since we were there together.

(10) Fun at the ND State Fair–Little Big Town in concert

(11) Running into lots of FLC peeps at the Fair and it was good not awkward!!

(12) Brothers Osborne at ND State Fair

(13) A surprise call from JK. Love you girl!!

(14) Enduro Races at the Fair

(15) A great phone call with SH

(16) Also a great phone call with BG

(17) Hugs

(18) Truck and Tractor Pull

(19) KN bringing me a fun book we started listening to on our ride back from our mentoring session a few weeks ago.

(20) A sweet text from SB

(21) Divine peach pie

(22) Getting to see RS and LR and CR and lots of other awesome peeps! And the best hugs too!

(23) A great phone call

(24) Thomas Rhett concert. So much fun!!!

(25) DQ Cookie Dough Ice Cream

(26) New LLR–Ann and I found a vendor at the fair and we couldn’t resist. I got a great new perfect tee!!

(27) Lonestar concert

(28) Jason Aldean concert

(29) A butt dial from EG. It made me smile and laugh!

(30) Seeing JS and MS at the concerts every night.

(31) CCM All Staff Reunion. So good to see these people and this place who will always hold a special place in my heart.

(32) Getting my lawn mowed

(33) Swimming with PC to the floating dock at CCM!

(34) Summertime cucumber salad

(35) Watermelon

(36) Chatting with JK

(37) Chatting with STM

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