Sunday Blessings 179

(1) A treat after taking CS to the airport.

(2) A sweet text from EG this morning

(3) Texting with KG

(4) A Coke Icee

(5) Dog sitting with Sonny and Lucy

(6) Texting with KB

(7) Getting back to Curves

(8) A Vox from MG

(9) Seeing a “bazzinga” license plate. Love it!!

(10) A phone call from D.C. to check in with me.

(11) 4th of July Festival Fun

(12) Hanging with KG

(13) A great phone call with DT

(14) A Vox from MG

(15) Finding goodies at the Farmers Market.

(16) Watching Moana for the 1st time

(17) The sweet smell of fresh rain

(18) A phone call with PMA

(19) Awesome amazing friends who pray with and for you.

(20) Love!!

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