Sunday Blessings 171 & 172

(1) Talking on the phone with KA

(2) Messaging with MP

(3) Lots of phone calls, messages, etc.

(4) Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frappucino–my new fave!!

(5) A call from JL

(6) Feeling incredibly loved!!!

(7) A call from PMA

(8) Amazing colleagues

(9) A lawnmower to mow my lawn

(10) Roadtripping with E.G.

(11) Time with one of my most favorite people!

(12) Lake time

(13) Chatting with my momma

(14) Watching Brave one night, Fried Green Tomatoes another night, Divergent the next night,

(15) Peace in my heart and soul

(16) Listening to Nadia Bolz-Weber and other awesome peeps at the Festival of Homiletics

(17) Lake time with awesome peeps

(18) A Guest post over at the Mudroom

(19) Getting to hug JP

(20) Watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids

(21) Getting to meet Blog and Twitter friends in the flesh.

(22) Supper–Burgers at Chris Madrids with CG and SH etc

(23) Listening to Yvette Flunder and Otis Moss III–Incredible!!!!

(24) Meeting my blog friend CM and having Starbucks and conversation with her.

(25) Cinnamon Taffy

(26) Getting to hold a baby

(27) A gift from a friend

(28) Lunch with CG, SAJ and AN

(29) Supper with one of my faves and meeting up with a childhood friend who is visiting family here in SA.

(30) Seeing CJ and LA

(31) Safe journey to Texas and back from Texas. Thanks to EG for all of her awesome driving.

(32) A fun welcome home greeting as we got to E.G. and GG’s farm. Lights parade and all!!

(33) Brunch with church peeps

(34) Sweet presents from awesome peeps in my life.

(35) Talking with KJD on the phone

(36) CH’s ordination

(37) Laffy Taffy from RocketFizz Candy

(38) A wonderful week

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