Sunday Blessings 161

(1) YouthWorkers meeting–love these colleagues and friends

(2) Samoas Girl Scout Cookies

(3) Finding out a friend and I both have connections to DLC and PMA. So cool!!

(4) Texting with my faves

(5) Laughter

(6) Zumba with some of my fave Curves ladies.

(7) Papa John’s pizza

(8) Texting with JS

(9) This is Us and Nashville.

(10) The new Starbucks store. Love how spacious it is.

(11) Time out with my sis, EG and GG

(12) Yummy desserts at Ebeenezers

(13) A great afternoon with momma

(14) A weekend with my sissy

(15) Tim Hortons Donuts

(16) Great clearance deals

(17) Hanging with family SS

(18) A fantastic PLN

(19) Tackling Mt Laundry

(20) My time at Dilworth Lutheran Church and Pastor Mark Asleson. Today Mark retired from ministry. I’m sad that I was unable to be there, but know that I was there in spirit. Everything Mark taught me made me the woman leader that I am today. Thank You!!

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