Sunday Blessings 141

(1) Talking to CN about ministry.

(2) Receiving a blog friends book in my mail today. Ready to finish it and give this copy of her book away on my blog.

(3) My Twitter peeps

(4) Fresh tomatoes from the garden

(5) A much needed rain shower

(6) A Vox from TM

(7) Getting Two drinks at Starbucks and one of them free because they messed up my first order.

(8) Watching Lars and the Real Girl

(9) Council and dinner at a members house

(10) A cool Fall like day

(11) Farmers market goodness–peach salsa, pickles, salted caramel cookies and cucumbers

(12) Getting back to Blue Apron meals

(13) Making it through the first few days of Couch to 5k

(14) A great church picnic

(15) A beautiful day

(16) Getting to hug and welcome KH to Minot.

(17) Leftovers sent home with me

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