Sunday Blessings 118

(1) A thank you card from TD and JD

(2) Hugging WS at Beer and Hymns

(3) Beer and Hymns with EG and AH; running into so many other awesome friends. I am one blessed gal!!

(4) A friends engagement announcement

(5) Members saving a copy of an article from a newspaper that they thought I would enjoy reading.

(6) Finding a sweet gift left in my office.

(7) Lots of LuLaRoe love in my mailbox. Loving everything by especially my new maxi skirt!!

(8) A blog post of mine featured over at the RevGalBlogPals site.

(9) Talking to PMA on the phone

(10) Hugging CT’s girls

(11) Seeing CT and her girls

(12) Hugging CB who I haven’t seen in forever.

(13) Chatting with CT and CB

(14) Being asked by WS if I would read a piece before their choir anthem for Easter Sunday.

(15) A ton of compliments on the new hair do!! Thanks TS!!

(16) Fixed my Keurig all by myself!!

(17) A PLN!!!!

(18) One of the youth who went on the national gathering last summer getting his Eagle Scout award today.

(19) Leftovers sent home with me. Thanks guys!!!

(20) So MANY compliments on the new do and so many people telling me that it makes me look longer!!

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