Sunday Blessing 37

(1) Driving to Curves, stopped at a red light, looking over and see my friends in the car next to me, having a conversation until the light turned red

(2) Being home from council before eight pm. Very rarely are we done that early!

(3) One of our youth stopping in to see me as she had to stop and do an errand for her mom

(4) Waffle cone Wednesday with PK and Else since the weather didn’t hold out for S’mores worship

(5) A fun evening with friends. Thanks EG and PL!

(6) A sweet comment from a friend about my writing

(7) Packing for my trip to Colorado! Rocky Mountains here I come!!!

(8) The longest day of the summer! Love!!!!

(9) Watching Finding Nemo as I finish my laundry and finish packing for my trip!

(10) A beautiful day for a drive and making it safely to my destination for the night

(11) Culvers cheese curds. You just have to indulge every once in awhile!

(12) Relaxing in a hot tub for a little while tonight

(13) An invitation to stop and see a friend if my travels take me through Gillette tomorrow

(14) Confirmation that I get to see my dear friend JK and her hubby next week

(15) Pure joy!!

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