Spring has Sprung….FINALLY!

Spring has finally sprung here in the Red River Valley. I swear this has been the longest winter that I can think of. I mean just last week schools were closing near Minneapolis and surrounding areas because of snow. A snow day in May…crazy! But Spring finally has sprung which means that summer surely will soon be here. In Spring, I always find myself cleaning out my drawers and closets, getting out my summer furniture etc. There is just something so great about Spring cleaning. So I decided the blog needed a new look for the Spring too. I like it. I hope you do too!

In other news, my inner three year old seems to have decided to hide. At least for now. I don’t see her working her way out of my body…finding herself laying on the floor screaming that she hasn’t gotten her way yet. I think this space…this safe place…has brought me a sense of peace. Thank you for that my dear readers and friends. Peace is exactly what I need right now. Who knows what the future will hold? But I trust and have hope that God will make it happen for me when the time is right. That’s just not always easy to trust in though! There are times when I wish there were road signs telling me where to go, what is going to happen next, etc. Anyone else feel that way at times too?

So tonight filled with peace (and hope), I wait…wait for that moment to happen. And cling to this wonderful gift of you my dear readers and friends who have told me you are praying for me! Thank you! Jesus says “Do not let your hearts be troubled” and “Peace be with you” in the book of John. These words are words that are not easy to trust in either but having you all in my corner reminds me of this wonderful gift of grace, love, hope and peace!

3 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung….FINALLY!

  1. the whole entire country has been having highly untypical, unusual weather. I love your new blog look! Beautiful background, and the clean, sans-serif font is perfect for reading extended chunks of text. I kept the same text style, but like you, I changed my background, too, from about a year of grunge that I really liked for many reasons, to a pretty coastal ocean scene.

    People think southern Cal doesn't have seasons, but we do, and I wear a lot of sweaters and jackets during the winter. When I'm near any of the colleges and universities, lots of students wear heavy parkas. I love putting away winter clothes, getting out warm weather stuff, changing around colours and decorations in my apt…

    Like you, I'm sending a surprising degree of peace. Partly planning to move north of here soon… see you online!

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