Spring has Sprung Friday Five

1. What spring flowers and plants do you see? Or will see sometime in the future? I don’t see many flowers yet! However hopefully we wil lsee some soon since Spring seems to have finally sprung today!

2. What kinds of weather are you experiencing in April? Snow, rain etc. However today the sun is shining.

3. What are the stereotypical harbingers of spring in your area? How about where you grew up? Around here one of the signs that spring has sprung is seeing the Red River rise. It never seems to fail that around here around this time of year brings about sandbags, road closed signs and so much more. Fall where I grew up brings about baby calves. I loved bottle feeding them when I was little and still enjoying it when I am home.

4. What season do you like best in your home area? I like that we have four distinct seasons!

5. What is sprouting or blooming in your life? What do you wish for? A new friendship is possibly blooming in my life. We will see where it goes. I wish for God to bring Mr. Right into my life.

Hope you are also enjoying a beautiful Spring day today!

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