Sometimes I Get Myself Into Trouble!

I think I might have gotten myself into trouble tonight. My intentions were good and I didnt mean to offend the individual that I think I offended. I was nearly reaching out a hand saying Ive been there, I know what its like. Im sorry! My intentions are good but sometimes I say something or comment on a blog or something before really thinking about how it might affect the other person. They may not be as open as I am so again Im sorry if I ever offended anyone. I just cant help but want to help when someones hurting, etc. So Im sorry!!!! Im one of those individuals that cant stand having people mad at her etc. Im not good with conflict at all and it is definetely a growing edge for me. I am really trying to work on it. Words are powerful and sometimes I think I forget what an impact they will have! Im sorry if I offended or upset anyone! And on that note, Im going to call it a night before I do any more damage!

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