Rest in Peace!

Seems like I dont have much to say these days so sorry to my readers if you keep coming looking for something substantial to read! Its been crazy busy around here and now I am leaving for a family funeral! My grandmother (my mom’s mom) passed away so I am leaving on Wed to pick up my mom and then we are flying to NE for grandma’s memorial service. It is just going to be a small family memorial service. I’ve been thinking a lot about the many blessings grandma brought to my life. The last few years she has really struggled with alzheimers which was hard. However I think it would have been even harder if we were in the same city. I know grandma is in a better place and it is nice to know she is once again with grandpa. Grandpa passed away five years ago. It seems like just yesterday but its already been 5 years. I pray the weather holds out because it is really important for mom to get to NE to see her sister and the rest of the family! It will be fun to see my family again. I dont get to see this aunt and uncle very much so it will be nice to see them and my cousins. My sister hasnt seem them in 10 plus years so she truly is looking forward to this weekend. Well not much else to say. Pray for good traveling weather for all of us! My aunt should have arrived in NE today! Hopefully her and her family had good traveling weather from Arkansas! Thank you for the love you gave all of us Grandma Bess! Rest in Peace!

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  1. My prayers go out to you and your family. It’s hard to lose someone, but so much harder to lose them little by little over so long. I am glad you get to spend time with your family. If you get this in time, please pass my greetings on to your AR family, and tell them I still think of them with fond memories. When I come home, perhaps another road-trip could be in store. Or, if not south, then at least a roadtrip for me to the Northlands. Take care, and God’s peace be with you.

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