The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything

Its Saturday afternoon and here I am checking email etc but more than that, I’ve been thinking a lot about my seminary friends and what my life would have been like without them. I must say life probably wouldnt have been as exciting. I can think of so many stories that I would love to share but I think Ill just start with a few for today. My friends Mark, Liz, Mike, Chris and I decided to go to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville. It was crazy. Here we were in the Field of Dreams weaving our way through the corn maze etc. We got tired of answering and following the directions so we decide to randomly find our way through the maze. Needless to say, it ended up being total chaos when all of us decided to attack each other with corn stalks. Liz and I were being attacked by the boys so it turned into a boys vs girls match. It was quite the day. Im not sure if this happened on the same trip or not but its still a good story. Sorry Liz I hope you can forgive me for telling this one. We were chatting away in the car while Liz was driving. As we approached Dubuque, Liz got busy chatting and kind of forgot that there was a stoplight. She had to stop fast and there was a semi in front of us. For a brief moment, we all thought we might die but to give Liz some credit, she did have the situation under control. She wasnt going to let anything happen to us.

Another time we all decided that during our senior year of seminary we werent going to do anything. We decided that we had been involved way more than enough so we thought that we would just drink iced tea out of our mason jars on our front lawns. Last year for graduation, I got my friend Mackenzie a mason jar and she got me one and also a pirate’s eye patch. So the rest of the crew, do we need to get you all mason jar cups too? So that no matter where in the US we are we can still be united by our mason jars. Kind of funny that I just watched the movie about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, do we need to create a Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Traveling Mason Jar? Okay so maybe Im silly for thinking that.

I also remember one time a bunch of us went to a haunted house just outside of Dubuque. There were quite a few of us. In one of the rooms, there was a guy with a chainsaw that came around the corner and scared us all. In fact, it was a pretty thought out and scary haunted house. Myself and some of the other girls were quite scared and did a lot of screaming. Poor Mike, Chris, and Mark got an earful and thought that by the time we got out of the haunted house they would have no hearing left. Crazy huh! Sorry guys!

Well guess thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed the stories because I sure love telling them. Any stories you’ve all heard in the past that you would like me to tell on my blog page? Just let me know. Happy Storytelling to you all!

5 thoughts on “The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything

  1. Hi, Praying. We joined Rev Gals at the same time.

    I never did get to finish seminary and didn’t make those for-life friends, in large part because I commuted. (It was Perkins, fwiw). But I still miss the ones I did make, even after all this time.

    Anyway, many rich blessings to you. Maybe the blogring is a way to expand that circle of friends.


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