My New Posse

Well my friends tomorrow is my first day on the job. I hope it all goes well but knowing that I have all of you in my corner really puts a smile on my face. God truly does make all things possible. But besides that nothing much going on. Just trying to get settled into my new place. I love the people I live with. The ladies are so great to me. Today I had one bring me dessert etc. Its pretty crazy that in a short amount of time I think Ill have about 10-15 adopted grandmas. My cable is finally hooked up which is great but my Internet is being stupid. It wont read the IP address so trying to figure out what the problem is there. Hopefully it will work soon and I wont have to run to the library every time I want to chat or email. Besides the library is only open until 6pm. Any computer gurus out there got any suggestions, I wouldnt mind some suggestions. But other than that, not much is happening. Hope you havent missed me too much on the blogosphere and hopefully Ill be able to post more consistently.

2 thoughts on “My New Posse

  1. Hey, I’ve missed reading! I am looking forward to hearing (reading) all about what your vocation is like! Good luck and blessings on your first day!

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