My Brain Just Wouldnt Shut Off Last Night

Have you ever had one of those nights where your brain just wouldnt shut off and you couldnt fall asleep because of it? Well I had one of those nights last night. I havent had one of those nights in a really long time but for some reason, my mind just kept wandering. Im not even sure really what I was thinking about. I tried to fall asleep but just couldnt do it so I got up and got a glass of water. Then I headed back to bed and that still didnt work so I turned on the tv but wasnt much on so I proceeded back to my bedroom where I tossed and turned some more. Im not sure when I finally fell asleep but I finally did at some point. Anyone got any sure fire ways to get to sleep when your brain wont shut off? I think part of it is Ive been thinking about my mom. At seminary, I had friends I could talk to about how she was doing etc. I still could talk to those friends but I think part of me doesnt want to burden them with stuff because most of them are pastors or leaders in the church and are dealing with their own stuff. Mom’s mind seems to be really foggy and mixed up these days. Im sure its just a part of the dementia that comes with mental illness and age but it is a little bothersome. It hasnt happened for awhile now but there for awhile, she would call people thinking they were someone else and then she would realize it wasnt the person she was trying to call. One time she called me, five minutes later called me again but she didnt want to call me she wanted to call my sister. Those are only a few of the examples. I know she’s fine and in a safe place, but because of my caring nature and the fact that I am her legal guardian along with my younger sister, I cant help but worry a little. Well thanks for listening. Its been a good day but Im beat so off to bed now!

3 thoughts on “My Brain Just Wouldnt Shut Off Last Night

  1. Gotta love spam in your comment box. You’d think it was hawaii or something… I hear ya though, on the not getting your brain to go into hibernate. It’s kind of odd how similar our lives are… Anyway, have a good day, and I hope you get some sleep tonight!

  2. I wish I had ways to help your brain unwind — I too often feel the same. Often, I just turn the light back on and grab a book. Perhaps it’s just an excuse to keep reading!

    You and your family is in my prayers, sleepless nights and all.

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