Mourning into Dancing

Three years ago on this day,I remember sitting at the Diaconal Ministry Formation Event with my small group that day. We began our day listening to music from Ben and Jon Larson. Sitting in that room, we strained to listen to the words “hands parted after prayer like cups raised to receive!”

Later that afternoon, the news broke about the earthquake! Little did we know that ours and so many lives would be changed that day! I am thankful that I was with friends on this day as we mourned and grieved together!

Three years later there is still so much to do in Haiti! May we always remember and never forget! For I truly believe that God will one day turn our “mourning into dancing!”

One thought on “Mourning into Dancing

  1. I remember that day but for different reasons. At the time I was in the Army in an Engineer unit and as soon as we heard we knew we would be called to serve in that capacity. While I did not deploy to Haiti, the preparations to make that happen quickly really were nothing in comparison to the Soldiers' eagerness to get there and help the way they knew. Let's just say we had many volunteers who wanted to go.

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