Men in Trees

Wow….two posts in one day…arent you all lucky!?!? 🙂 I have fallen in love with the new show Men in Trees. Has anyone else seen it? I think I like the show because of the way relationships etc are portrayed. It makes me dream about the day Ill find my Mr Right etc. I love the show! I also like Studio 60 a lot too but there is just something about Men in Trees. Gives an interesting perspective on relationships, men etc. But enough about that, anyone catch Celebrity Duets last night? Alfonso won!! YAY!!! Not much happening in my life. I am going to try and find a scrapbooking group or something to get involved with. I havent found many people my age yet which makes it lonely at times but I know some of you, no probably a lot of you, have been there before too. Well check out Men in Trees. Its on on Friday nights!

2 thoughts on “Men in Trees

  1. “Men in Trees?” Now what am I missing?

    And here I thought a game show which quizzes contsestants as they rife a roller coaster was weird (No joke. Japanese game shows are a lot more exciting than American ones).

    BTW, is “Men in Trees” just a funny name for a reality show, or is it a sitcom?

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