LuLa Roe, Books and Life’s Decisions

If you don’t know the low down, Thursday night is the night for FMF party where we gather and catch up on life and wait for our gracious host Kate to give us the word prompt for the week. Tonight we celebrated the birth of Asheritah’s new baby. We talked about books and television and so much more. I seriously gush over these people and this community at every chance I get. I am so blessed by each of them and cannot wait until we meet in real life. Love you peeps!!

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “decide.”

Leggings, Irmas, Nicole Dresses,  Randy tees, Amelias, Azures, maxi skirts and so much more. Before Christmas, I went to my first LuLa Roe party online. And now I cannot get enough of this awesome clothing. It feels like pjs and is so comfy. Before a party, the consultant posts the variety of items she has in stock. As I glance through her photo albums, I often have a hard time deciding if I like a pattern or not.  Sometimes I decide based on my fave color green. Once I decide on a piece I like, I comment “sold” to let the consultant know that I want to buy that item.

But clothing isn’t the only thing I have to decide about in life, life is full of decisions. I have to decide what shows to watch. I have to choose which book to read next. That choice is often so much easier said than done. There are so many books that I want to read. I am reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff and “Even If Not” by my blog friend Kaitlyn. What will I decide to read next–Looking for Lovely by Annie F Downs, A Witness by my friend Renee, or Accidental Saints by Nadia Bolz-Weber?

Life is full of so many choices and it is often hard to decide. Yet God is the one we must trust in. God will help us decide and know what is right for us. Sometimes it is so hard to give all control over to God though. I have been praying and trying to decide if God is calling me to foster care and/or adoption. The more I pray about it, the more I feel like the answer is right in front of me. God wants me to decide what to do and take action when I make that decision. It is a scary place to find myself. But I also have decided to trust in God’s call for me.

What is God calling you to decide about in your own life?

36 thoughts on “LuLa Roe, Books and Life’s Decisions

  1. Tara,
    oh what a wonderful, overwhelming decision you have ahead! I'm pretty sure that those children are already blessed that you're even considering sharing all your love with them, and God's love with them!
    I'm excited for your future!!
    And I'm more excited to be your neighbor at #8 this week!

  2. Wow, Tara. that is a big decision. Thank goodness God guides us when we seek Him. Foster care and adoption are not easy roads, but when God's leading, they are ever so fulfilling! I'll be praying for you tonight, my friend!

    • Thanks Andrew! The prayers are so greatly appreciated and they sustain me. I am so glad that God is still keeping you going even when you'd rather quit. God has a way of knowing when we need to keep going, doesn't he?

  3. It's the trust that's hard, because it requires surrender and relinquishing control, but only once we let go can we actually receive what is meant to be. Listen to your heart and it will be the right thing. Good luck and how admirable of you, to think of fostering/adoption….Helen xxx

  4. If the answer is right in front of you? It's time to act upon it. If God's not in it? He'll roadblock it. If He is? Gates of hell won't get in the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I so want a pair of leggings!! Thinking about hosting a party so I can earn some and I immediately thought for sure Tara will buy lol. I felt some the other day and man they really are buttery soft.

    • Miranda, you totally should host a party. I haven't bought anything for a few weeks. Trying to back off for a little while. But I would totally buy something if you had a party. They really are buttery soft…I told you! 🙂

  6. Sometimes the decision on which book to read next is the biggest. 😉 (Fiction? Nonfiction? Memoir?) Sometimes it's zoo or pjs. And sometimes it's big, like life-changing big. So thankful that God is in this journey with us – no matter the size of our decision!

  7. Well Tara, you turned that from a fun little post about clothes to a major life decision. Foster/adopting is HARD but if God calls you, he will give you what you need to do it. If you're feeling lead to do it, take the first step, see what happens…as you are seeking His will, He will show you what to do. In the 44 spot today

    • Thanks friend. I know you know how HARD fostering/adopting are. You are so right though. If God calls me, God will indeed provide what I need to do it. Appreciate your words friend.

  8. I agree, decisions are hard. Decisions about books are hard enough when there are so many great ones out there, but major life decisions are especially tough. Praying for you as you make your decision- if you're seeking God he will show you the way.

  9. Since retirement and moving across state, I'm trying to figure out what and where God would have me. I miss being in the thick of things (pastor's wife), but I also know that my health can not handle it right now. Blogging is the best place to begin reaching out to women, so I've decided to start there.
    But I see young women all around me that need mentoring. I'm leaving this to God. He's going to have to place the right people right in my lap for me to move forward on that one.
    God's blessings as you consider foster/adoption, I have a friend that never married who adopted a little girl from China. It's been wonderful for both of them.

    • Amanda, I love that blogging is where you have decided to start. I totally believe God is in this for you. God will indeed place the right woman in your lap for you to mentor if that is God's call for you in this time and place. I love hearing about other single women who took the plunge to foster/adopt. I know it would be hard, but I think it would be so so worth it!

  10. Oh friend… that is so exciting – and yes, scary and I am sure you are going hot and cold with all the feels! Deciding things can be hard – even the little things, not to mention the bigger ones! Praying for you! I think you are right… He has put the answer right in front of you! (Also this: I think often times, He really does leave it up to us and He will bless whatever decision we come to! He's supportive and loving like that!) xoxo

    • Oh Karrilee, you so get me friend…hot and cold with all the feels is the exact way I am feeling. A few years ago my friend Sarah said you should think about fostering…there is such a great need. It has been in my heart and mind especially since then. Thanks for the prayers. I so appreciate them and they are what sustain me. Oh and friend your last words here…balm to my soul…I needed to read that because I think you are so spot on there too.

  11. I love how you talked about less important though still exciting decisions about style and apparel (I visited Lula Roe and I agree, what fabulous clothes), and then about life-and world-changing ones… I hardly can wait to hear about your next step on your journey into parenthood. Sending more prayers that you'll simply decide. Soon!

  12. I often struggle to decide on which book to read next, mainly because I have far too many to choose from! Although current choices are being informed by being on a couple of book launch teams and required reading is the decision de jour despite sneaking peeks at a few others. When a Kindle has the capacity of a small library then it does indeed get tricky to decide on the next great read.
    You seem to have some pretty big and important life choices in front of you, Tara. Much to ponder and pray about here! Thinking of and praying with you, friend. It's an awesome privilege, honour and challenge to be a parent, no matter how we come to it. Bless you, friend, as you seek wisdom for the days ahead.

    • Joy, me too, me too! I do have some big and important life decisions in front of you. Yes, indeed much to ponder and pray about here. Thanks for the prayers. They are so greatly appreciated and they so sustain me as I discern what God is calling me too. Bless you too friend!

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