The Legend of Mr Trouble

I decided that it was time to use my writing skills and tell you all a story. I love to write but am trying to write a Feb newsletter article and nothing is coming to me so thought Id procrastinate instead. I’m going to tell you all the story of my beanie babie monkey who had been dubbed “Mr. Trouble.” Its a long story thus making a long entry but in the end, trust me you will enjoy it and if it doesnt make you laugh it will at least bring a smile to your face.

It was a nice summer day where the heat was beating down. Carrie, Ben, Matt, and I decided that since it was the weekend we should head to Bismarck for the day. The four of us climbed into Matt’s car and hit the road. We talked and laughed together (mostly laughed) as we drove to Bismarck. Once we got to Bismarck, we dropped Carrie off at a friends for her friends bridal shower. Then Matt, Ben, and I headed to the mall for some shopping. At the mall, we decided to head into the nearest Suncoast Video Store. The three of us ventured around the store, gazing at what they had to offer. I decided that I was going to buy a stuffed animal or something to help with my next homesick campers. As we wandered around the store, my eyes spotted a cute gorilla beanie baby who was holding a bottle of coke. I immediately reached for the gorilla and headed to the check-out counter. As Ben, Matt, and I waited for the cashier to check us out, the gorilla decided to make his own trouble. He wouldnt ring up. The cashier had to venture to the backroom and find his item number in order to ring up his price. Finally after many minutes of frustration and the guys giving me flack for picking out an item that was causing many hassles, we paid for the gorilla and headed to the A and W restaurant where we told Carrie we would meet her. In the car, Ben and I were certain we knew were the A and W was, but what we didnt realize is we really didnt know where it was. As we clumsly and frantically trying to find our way to the A and W, Matt decided to change lanes where he almost cut an individual off and who decided to repay us with the middle finger. After many minutes of searching for the A and W, we finally found it and Carrie was still waiting for us. She quickly asked what happened as we entered the restaurant. As we were eating our much earned meal, we told Carrie everything and from that day on, the gorilla was dubbed Mr. Trouble.

However the story of Mr. Trouble doesn’t end here, it actually only begins here. I took Mr Trouble back to camp. A couple of weeks later Ben, Holly (another counselor) and I were chosen to go to day camp in a nearby small town. We were given this really car. It was a gray station wagon in which the paint was pealing off. It definetely looked like it had been used a few times. The three of us went off to day camp and enjoyed our week in small town. Then the week came to a close and the three of us headed back to camp. As we were driving back to camp, a noise came from one of the tires and we quickly pulled off onto the nearest proach. Ben, being the man of the group, concluded we had a flat tire…the only problem was the spare was under all of our luggage in the back of the station wagon so we went to work. Holly, Ben, and I grabbed the luggage and piled it in heaps on the side of the road. Once all the luggage was safely on the ground, Ben released the spare from under the floor. But then another problem arose, the tires were on a lock system and we had to find the key to unlock the bolts etc. Only problem was the key was no where to be found. Ben, Holly, and I searched endlessly for the key. After what seemed like forever, Ben found the key and was able to begin changing the tire. At about this time, some men in a white pickup asked if we needed help and we said no we think we have it now. Ben finally was able to change the tire, so we loaded all the luggage back into the wagon and headed back to camp. The minute we got back into the car and were headed back to camp, Ben said, “Mr Trouble is with us isnt he?!??”

But Mr. Trouble’s antics didnt stop there either, or so thats what Ben says. Throughout our time at camp, Mr Trouble become quite famous among the children. Ben often would tell the story of this monkey and all the problems he caused. One summer Ben, myself, and several others were asked to go to day camp in the Capital City. Since there was seven of us (five girls, two guys), we were split up into two different host homes…the boys in town and the girls out on the outskirts of town. One night the boys dropped us off and headed back into town which had been the routine all week. The next morning our host dad came down and told us that the boys were in an accident so he would be taking us to the church. Other than that, we really didnt have any details so being the girls we immediately began to worry. What happened? Where the boys okay? Would we still be able to drive the van? We quickly got ready for day camp and headed into town where we met the boys at the church. They were perfectly fine which was a relief to all of us. The boys told us that some drunk teenage boy had lost control and hit the van. Their host mom came to tell them and the boys rolled back over but Ben decided it was probably a good idea to check out what was going on. So Benand Mark got up and checked it out. The van was totalled. The boys had to make a statement for the police and call camp to let them know what happened. In the end, we had to get another vehicle to transport us back to camp and stuff. We all had to remove our stuff from the van so they could haul it away. As we were removing our belongs from the van, I grabbed my sleeping bag and everything else. And then Ben was like, “Its Mr Trouble again. He was here last night wasnt he?” And I replied, “No he was with me at our host families house.” Ben in turn stated, “well the monkey touched the sleeping bag when he slept on it so his vibes are here. Its that stupid monkey again.”

So that is the story of Mr Trouble. To this day, his stories still are somewhat of a legend around here. In all actuality, Ive come to the conclusion that it isnt Mr Trouble but rather Ben thats the jinxed one. He has been with in every instants. I guess we’ll never know will we.

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  1. Cute story! I think I remember hearing it before (at least part of it I have), but it’s fun to read it all the way through. By the way, was Mr. Trouble along on your unplanned stop in Waterloo during seminary(it was Waterloo, wasn’t it)?

    I seem to remember a visit to a mechanic and an unplanned lunch at Happy Chef 😉

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