Jumping Head First into a New Adventure

Nothing like jumping into a new adventure full speed ahead! I recently decided to chair the candidate support committee for the Diaconal Ministry community. I truly feel God calling me to this role and hope that my leadership blesses those that are going through the process. It’s actually quite ironic when thinking about it. My small group leader at the DMFE was the candidate support chair but is unable to continue this role so the leadership team sent out an email asking for volunteers etc to consider it. As I read the email, I felt a slight tug, no more like a huge pull, to take on this role but didn’t want to jump into it too fast if you know what I mean. After praying about it and talking to one of the leadership members, I decided that this is something God is calling me to do! For me it’s ironic because my small group leader had asked me to serve on this committee and now I feel called to fill this role that she is unable to continue in. I know how hard and frustrating the process can be and want others out there that are planning on being consecrated as DMs to know they aren’t alone. It’s been funny because I have found myself diving head-first into this leadership role. I guess God truly was calling me to this role. I just hope that I can bless others through my examples etc.

2 thoughts on “Jumping Head First into a New Adventure

  1. What does that mean for your current call? Just curious if this new venture is a full time thing or what. Have fun, and blessings as you share your gifts with new people.

  2. Hey! Don’t sell yourself short; it IS a big deal. I was just curious if it was another move, or if you were adding another thing to your plate. 🙂 I hope you find yourself challenged and enriched with this new venture. I will talk to you later.

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