Is it okay to be frustrated?

Is it okay to be frustrated? Tonight I attended my first council meeting. It went well but when I brought up a new piece, a piece that needs to be reworded and changed, I was challenged. Do we really need to make this change? Now after many discussions with pastor, I truly believe this is in the best interest of the youth. It was extremely frustrating to be challenged. Being the new one in the bunch I dont always think of what I need or want to say until after the meeting is over. I know that I am called to this ministry and know it is hard for this congregation since it is a huge change for them. They have always used Youth Directors in the past and my position is definetely different than that. My focus is to be more family and youth orientated…to make it intergenerational; part of a life-long faith formation. So I am sure it is hard for them to change their mindset but at times, I feel so frustrated. What if Im a disappointment to the congregation? What if Im not doing a good job? What if…what if….what if? Well sorry just had to get that off of my chest. I know that I have gifts for ministry but some days this job is a lot harder than other days!

3 thoughts on “Is it okay to be frustrated?

  1. Tara, I feel ya on the frustration. We’re at different points in our lives, but some of these struggles we face are so similar. I know that frustration can sometimes want to make a person throw in the towel, but sometimes challenges are good. You’ve heard the caterpillar coming out of the cocoon story right? You can do it!

  2. Yes, it is okay to be frustrated.

    Maybe go back and dialogue with the Pastor and/or the council chair about what happened. what needs to happen, and how to get it done.
    First meeting and already sticking your neck out. You go girl. Sometimes after you present an idea, it takes several more times of presenting it, writing about it, before they understand, trust and go with the idea.

    Keep it up.

  3. Just breath. Change is VERY hard and you are NEW…two things that don’t go together very well sometimes. And youth AND family is very different that just youth. Youth stuff is easy as they are off doing their own thing and it is kind of neat and tidy but then you throw that family piece in and suddenly it isn’t just off on its own — now you are possibly suggesting changes that is going to involve them not only accepting something different but THEY will have to do something different. Stand by what you know is right but don’t be disappointed by having to do it slow and to try more than once. Talk to them one on one or in small groups and see if you can hear what makes them nervous about the change. They may just need to be heard and hear about what you have to say in a casual converstation Keep it up — you can do it!

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