Im a Reality TV Junkie!

I cant believe Im admitting this but I totally am a reality tv junkie. You name it I’ve watched. Big Brother, American Idol, Survivor, Real Word, Road Rules, Celebrity Fit Club, The Surreal Life. America’s Got Talent, Treasure Hunters, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, Project Runway and the list goes on and on and on. Theres just something about watching reality tv that makes me laugh. I dont know why I like to watch these shows. I think part of it is the humor and craziness I find in each one. But then again I probably like to watch them because they let me dream and escape to a new place. I like to watch The Amazing Race because they do a lot of traveling. Some day I hope to travel myself but for now this show allows me to escape to these places a long with them. I think I watch shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Joe Millionaire because it allows me to root for the underdogs etc. I must admit I hate watching the shows when people totally get humilitated. Simon Cowell on AI is imfamous for that. Even though I watch all of these shows, I must admit that my fave has and always probably will be Big Brother and this season with the All-Stars is no exception. WHat is it about this show that attracts me to it? Im not quite sure. Is it watching these people cock their evil heads? Is it watching these people humilitating themselves on national tv? I dont think its even of those things. For me, Ive noticed that I tend to gravitate towards certain people. Ive always like Kaysar, but I must also say Im a huge fan of Season 6 so maybe thats why but I dont think so. I think its because of who Kaysar is. He seems to be such a great guy. This week he gave slop to Chicken George because he already was on slop so he didnt make anyone made. Now I have to agree with Janelle’s statement, that Kaysar is playing it safe, but part of me wonders if he is just holding back and will strike when everyone least expects it. James seems to have changed this season. He doesnt seem as vindictive and Im not quite sure how I feel about that. Is he trying to save face? I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and see what happens. I should close for now. Got to go make supper, buy groceries, and be back in time for Real World/Road Rules Challenges. I REALLY AM A REALITY TV JUNKIE!!!

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  1. What fun! I must admit anytime I hear about American Idol, I think of you. You introduced me to several varieties of reality shows, and even though I didn’t watch any of them regularly, because they remind me of you, they made me smile when I did watch them … thanks for the smiles!

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