Ice Cream Friday Five

1. Ice cream: for warm weather only or a year-round food? Thats an easy answer for me. Ice cream is so totally year-round food. It tastes so great on a hot summer date but it also makes a great comfort food all year round.

2. Favorite flavor(s) I cant really say that I have one favorite because I dont. I like ALL kinds of ice cream. I like Peppermint, Chocolate Chip Mint, Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, Ben and Jerrys Phish Food and many others. The list could go on and on!

3. Cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, cup? Once again it is good in any of these but I prefer waffle cones.

4. Childhood ice-cream memory. Sorry Im having a hard time remembering any childhood memories about ice cream but I do have a few from seminary. Cold Stone Creamery is one of my fave places and we used to go there a lot. In fact, my friend Liz likes to call it Cold Stone Corenary because it is probably so baaaaad for us.

5. Banana splits: discuss. Banana Splits are great but I agree with a lot of other people. They often are too large for me to eat by myself. I like to share Banana Splits because they have different toppings and that leads to a great opporunity to share. Any one want to share a banana split with me?

Bonus: Baskin-Robbins used to make ice-cream sodas. During the 18 months I worked there, I think I made about 3 tops. They’re no longer on the menu, but you can still order them. Question: What are the ingredients/steps for making an ice cream soda? Im totally taking a guess at this but am bored so thought Id take a stab at it. Well it obviously has ice cream, and soda and probably some type of cream. I suppose you put the ice cream in the cup, add the cream, and then the soda. So Im probably totally wrong but thought that I would take a guess.

Ice cream is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! It is definetely a comfort food for me. At seminary, my friend Liz and I would go by the little containers of Ben and Jerrys and share them with each other. I must admit in the summer there is nothing better than share ice cream with dear dear friends. Boy that sure makes me hungry for ice cream. I might just have to go get that chip and mint ice cream out of the freezer!

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  1. Ha! You sound like my mom. She’s crazy for ice cream. Me, I could take it or leave it most of the time. But, I was amused by this post. 🙂

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