Hurry Up and Wait

I hate waiting! I know its only 12 days away but it seems like forever. I really hope that this works out because I feel so called to this congregation. You know I totally can sympathize with my friends at the seminary. They are starting to go through this whole process and starting to see how it is definetely a hurry up and wait process. In the end, it is worth it but the waiting can be so agonizing at times. Its hard to get anything done when you are dreaming about the possibilities that could come your way. I really believe that I have had to wait my fair share in this process…more than most and it has been sooooo frustrating! At times, I must admit its made me question my call. I know that I have gifts for ministry and many people have affirmed those gifts but its still hard to wait to see where God sees me fitting best if that makes any sense at all. Enough about that though, has anyone heard of the book “Rule of Four?” It is a biblical mystery book and is quite interesting. If you liked the Da Vinci Code you would probably like this book so check it out okay! I guess I have a lot of things on my mind tonight because Im just typing away. Spring is definetely in the air. I see the snow starting to melt and it makes me eager for spring. Spring hopefully will arrive sooner rather than later.

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