Holding On To This Experience!

I promised I would tell you about my retreat. What can I say? It was an absolutely amazing experience. I cannot even begin to describe how special this event was for me. My heart and spirit were touched and blessed in so many ways. I had some amazing conversations that really helped me think and reflect on my call to Diaconal Ministry. This retreat was exactly what I needed. I truly now know that I am not on this journey alone and that feeling helps me to continue to truck on. I wish I could explain this experience better but it is hard to put to words if you know what I mean. I know that I now have friendships with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Diaconal Ministry that will last a lifetime. This retreat experience and the feelings I felt there are definetely items that I will continue to hold on too in my Diaconal Ministry journey! Thanks be to God!

2 thoughts on “Holding On To This Experience!

  1. Welcome home, and it seems this is a welcome not only back to the Prairie, but to a new spiritual home, as well.

    May the Spirit keep you in this community through the smooth and the rough times.


  2. I am so glad for you! I too was on an amazing retreat with a new spiritual community (two, actually) that I am in the middle of posting about.

    Many, many blessings on your diaconal ministry and the community of mutual support and formation undergirding it.

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