Happy Blog-Aversary!

Today’s my blog-aversary. Thats right exactly a year ago, I started up this blog. I started up this blog to stay up-t0-date with friends etc but its turned into so much more than that. Its become a place for me to sort out feelings, share stories, etc. Sometimes I wonder if Im just rambling on and people arent getting much out of my blog, because if thats the case that would not be good. I want it to be a place for others to share in my life in ministry. I want it to be a place where I can be me and share my feelings…my joys, my sorrows, my pains but part of me also doesnt want this blog to be overtaken by those feelings either. I want it to be fun too! I hope you all enjoy reading my posts and have a piece of cake or chocolate or something and celebrate my blog-aversary with me!

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