Happy Birthday Sis!

I cant believe! 25 years ago today my little sister came into the world! It seems almost impossible that that much time has flown by but then again doesnt seem possible that I will be 28 next week either. Today just has been thinking about the day Ann was born. I dont remember much of it since I was only three but Ive heard stories. My mom said that her water broke so they called Grandma and Grandpa and told them that they were bringing me over because they were headed to the hospital. Mom and Dad dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Then after Ann was born, they called to tell me that I had a new baby sister. When we were little, we used to fight a lot but over time we have become close. I wish I could spend it with her today. However I know her friends are being good to her and taking her out so that makes me feel better but wish I could be there too. Thanks for being such an awesome sister! Happy 25th birthday sis!! I love ya!

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