A Good Book, A Cup of Friendship, and A Teaspoon of Goodbyes

I finally finished it! Thats right…I finally finished the latest Harry Potter book. I never thought I would be a Harry fan but my dear friend from seminary got me hooked and Im so glad she did. I have to agree I was sad to see some of my fave characters killed. That was weird. I dont want to say too much though in case some people haven’t read it.

This weekend was a great weekend. I met up with a dear friend who is like the brother I never had. It’s been probably 4+ years since we’ve seen each other and it just happens that we ended up in the same area. I tell I am starting to realize how much I’ve missed him. We emailed, sent cards, etc but there is just something about spending time with some one who truly accepts me for me! I know we both will be busy with work/school but it’s good to know that if I need a good friend to listen, this individual will totally be there for me in a heartbeat. In a lot of ways, our friendship reminds me so much of my closest friends from seminary. I wish those friends lived closer!

Speaking of seminary, my friend Stumbling just posted on his blog about having to say goodbye and how hard it is. He is absolutely right. Saying goodbye is absolutely the most difficult thing to do. You make such great friends. You get attached and then you say goodbye. It is so hard! I too like Stumbling couldn’t distance myself from others because I like meeting new people, making friends, etc so I too had to say goodbye many times. I understand how Stumbling is feeling about having to say goodbye. It never gets easier. However it is nice to know that wherever I go, I probably have friends from seminary near by. I miss you all dearly!

3 thoughts on “A Good Book, A Cup of Friendship, and A Teaspoon of Goodbyes

  1. Goodbyes are difficult, but I always try to take comfort in knowing that the tears shed are reflections of a loving and strong relationship. Small comfort sometimes, but ultimately true.

  2. Hi! I’m over here from WedFest in response to your “sparse comments,” which often happens to me (probably because too much of my blogging has become way too serious)…I also want to extend my congrats on your formal call to Basin and Towel ministry: WAY TO GO!

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