God Works Through Us

“The Lord is calling you to live as an apostle, to be ready, willing, and able to help him help those around you. Christ wants all people to come to Him and His church. He works through us to make that happen.”—Pope Francis

Like many of my friends, the more I hear Pope Francis speak the more I love him! But these words have especially hit home for me tonight. God calls all of us to be disciples!

And God definitely works through us to make Christ’s people come to him and through the church! When I look throughout my life, I can think of so many who have helped me to turn to Christ and Christ’s church. There is my momma who is an incredible woman of faith and continually reminds me of God’s love for all people! There are my colleagues who have taught me so much about Christ and Christ’s church. There are the children and homes who have modeled Christ’s love for the world! And the list goes on and on!

But do we always see when God uses us; when God uses me? Nope! That’s right I don’t often see when God uses me to lead others to Christ and Christ’s church. But the truth is that God does use me. I’ve noticed that more recently as I have read the “thank you” cards and notes that I received as I left my last call. I DID and DO make a difference! I am “blessed to be a blessing.” Yet that is something I don’t always see. And my guess is that I am not alone. However each of us is called to make a difference and God uses us to show others Christ and lead them to Christ’s church.

So my friends this week take a moment and reflect on how God has used you to make a difference.

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