Gifts of Comfort

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A blue and green floral quilt made with love. A green and white quilt made with love. A yellow quilt also made with love. A fluffy cuddly oversized blanket given with love. These are the four blankets/quilts that sit on the edge of my couch. Each of them given to me by special people.

The green and white quilt was chosen specifically for me by the lovely quilt ladies of Dilworth LUtheran Church. They chose it because they know my favorite color is green. A special tag sewn onto the corner of the quilt “made with tender loving care by Dilworth Lutheran quilters.”

The yellow quilt was made by a dear friend given to me as a thank you for being a part of her ordination service. Another quilt given and made with love.

The cuddly white blanket given as a Christmas gift from some of our favorite people. They are more like family than friends. I have married one of their daughters and her husband. I consider them to be my adopted nieces and nephews. Another gift given with love.

The blue and green floral quilt with a completely green gingham background also given with love by the quilters of First Lutheran. I came down to their room and quilts were strewn all over. They asked me to choose my own quilt. This was the quilt that jumped out at me. A tag also sewn on the corner too with the words “made with tender loving care by First Lutheran.”

Each of these beloved gifts bring me comfort and continually remind me of the warmth of God’s love. That no matter where I go, I will always be wrapped in a community of faith.

32 thoughts on “Gifts of Comfort

  1. Handmade quilts are definitely comforting – when you consider what a sacrifice of love and time the seamstresses put into them! You are blessed to have such friends!

  2. Those are true treasures, Tara. Something really special. Imagine all the love and prayers that were poured over those blankets. What a great, daily reminder of God’s love for you!

  3. I love quilts. I used to display them, or put them away for safe keeping because their would never be another one, but then I realized the beauty in actually using the quilt, so today several of our beds are adorned with quilts given to us in love.

  4. Those gifts sound truly magical – with the effort and care and love sewn into each square. What a great way to capture the meaning of comfort!

  5. Legacies, love, friendship, symbols to remind the heart over and over. There’s something about handmade things and little tags and women who care which ground us. You have been given such warmth.

  6. There’s something about quilts and having them near that remind us of how we’re never really alone! Beautiful!

  7. Tara, We think alike! I went a similar direction with the word but the posts were beautifully different. I love your image of the quilts as venues of community comfort. What a precious gift!

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