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Sharon at RevGalBlogPals writes, “I am pinch hitting today, my first time, as your Friday Five RevGal. Like the song “The Macarena” was for Los Del Rio, this could very well be a one-hit wonder, so thanks for playing! Today we play off of one of my favorite and most memorable Friday Fives to blog from: Decisions, Decisions posted by Songbird last July 23. I went back to that post to make sure I had new choices for you to make. I found out — again — that she was then, as I have been recently, in the midst of a discernment process and thinking about what goes into decision making. A decision from history: There is a chair that still sits in the Assembly Room of the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall). Legend has it that it was George Washington’s chair, the back carved with a half sun. Benjamin Franklin would look at it and wonder whether it was a rising or a setting sun. Eventually Franklin decided it was the hopeful symbol of the rising sun, a sign of the future of our new republic.”

How do you decide? Check out the following pairs and tell which one of each appeals to you most:

1) Sunrise or Sunset—I like both but Id say Im more apt to see a sunset. When I worked at a Bible camp in Western ND for 7 summers, some of my fave moments and pictures were from seeing the sunset off of Lake Sakakawea! Beautiful!!

2) To the Mountains or To the Beach—Since I’ve finally gotten to experience both, I would say the Mountains. There is just something so holy about being in the mountains. When I was in Colorado for the first time this summer, I couldnt believe how the mountains and the sky just ran together. Hard to tell where one began and the other ended. Simply Beautiful!!!

3) Coffee or Tea—Tea all the way! Im not much of a coffee drinker at all. I like “fake” coffee like lattes, cappucinos etc but even before those, Ill choose tea!

4) Advent or Lent—Advent. There is just something about waiting for the birth of this christ child. But I also really appreciate Lent too…so I guess I would pick both in this case. I love the Holy Days leading up to Easter especially Maundy THursday since it is a reminder of my call to ministry; to wash the feet of all God’s people.

5) “Raindrops on Roses” or “Whiskers on Kittens”—“Whiskers on Kittens”–I love cats! When my parents got divorced, it was a cat that kept my mom company…what comfort that brought to my sister and I!

BONUS: Tell more about one of the pairs. Why did you choose it? Difficult or easy choice? A story from your own experience? I chose mountains over the beach because like I stated earlier, it was such a holy experience. I like to swim and enjoy the beach but there is just something Holy-Spirit filled about being in the mountains for me.This was an easy choice for me!

3 thoughts on “Fun Choices Friday Five

  1. As much as I love breaking dawn, there's something about end-o-day. The Colorado Rockies (mountains and maybe even the MLB team) and the Intermountain West, YAY!!!!! I love the phrase "fake coffee," cuz that's about where I'm at, too. Thanks!

  2. I learned to like coffee as a child by drinking a latte-like "coffee milk" which was mom putting a little coffee and some sugar in the bottom of the cup and filling it with warm milk. "Fake coffee" led to lots of real coffee! Thanks for playing today!

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